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Mato Enki is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. His work repurposes existing analyses of systems and media, aiming alongside research measuring how our senses are being diluted through the distribution of goods, the effect of living in high-octane societies, and the social decimations created within them, in relation to identity and cultural hierarchies. His varied mediums highlight the material relationship we have with nature and our in-action related to sustainability, observing our migration and relationship between the natural world, virtual societies, and our senses - the way and means by which we judge reality. 

He is an MFA Graduate of Fine Art from John Moore's University and a 2023 nominee for both the VAA International Scholarship Prize and the John Byrne Award.

Mato Enki has exhibited his work in the U.S., Korea, Germany, Argentina, Poland, and the United Kingdom. He lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

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