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My work attempts to explore the relationship between the material world, the natural world,  and our senses, the way and means in which we judge reality. I'm trying to explore how our senses are being potentially diluted through the distribution of goods, the effect of living in densely populated societies and the social pressures created within them. 


Ideas such as dilution, pressure and the forces which create them, the invisible pressures from outside and more importantly, and the result of, the pressures we lay on ourselves in relation to identity and how we become pressured into giving a part or all of ourselves away, is the starting point for how I begin to approach a new piece of work.

This for me is not simply a way of working in terms of creating form, it is the confrontation and need to understand how these outside forces, such as social and material pressures effect our ability to be free. The elevation with which we give technology over our fundamental belief in our own instincts and ability to use our senses is something that fuels my ideas and practice, our submissiveness to technology.    

My most recent series of works explore ideas such as the distribution of goods via the world trade routes, some modern, some ancient. This came about after an investigation into these trade routes and the mega shipping containers that travel across the sea using buoyancy aids that light up these routes as a means of navigation. Consumerism via the sea is as old as civilisation itself and it's growth in recent times is another major factor in our dependency and submissiveness to material goods and technology, which links back again in my work to our detachment from our senses. This detachment I believe makes it difficult for us to judge what is happening around us, to challenge things we believe to be unjust, and ultimately restrains our ability to make a positive change in our lives and the world.

Through our senses we recognise the patterns and symbols of nature, we recognise and then categorize what we sense to understand and compartmentalize our impression of it. If it is to be accepted that we ourselves are a part of nature and that art is a fundamental part of ourselves, then the purpose of art is to understand our impression of ourselves, even our impression of art itself, and therefor, once again, ourselves.


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