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Carbon paper on card, 2020.

These works were created using pieces of carbon paper applied to card with various strips of tape. The method of using carbon paper came from the idea of keeping something hidden. In using the carbon paper it was possible to create something beneath the visible image and so creating an artwork within an artwork, but also hidden and unrevealed to the viewer. This was achieved by transferring the hidden image through the carbon paper by mark marking. I had thought about how our lives are so open and with everything on view, it was an interesting idea to create something that is seen but would also never be seen. 


Acrylic on Recycled Material, 2022.

Before the sugar cube was invented in the mid-nineteenth century, the sugar loaf was the familiar sight for anyone purchasing refined sugar. I was interested in its strange conical almost phallic shape, a symbol of something sweet, something alluding to power even. It’s more than that though. Putting aside the obvious political and humanitarian connections with the sugar trade through history and the deep scars it inflicted and continues to inflict on those who worked in its trade. For me, sugar itself is the most applicatory symbol for extravagance, division and class barriers in the western societal mindset. It is want disregarding need and the taste for it has since only expedited into an infinite arena of even cheaper thrills.   

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