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Video Installation, 2022.

'For All That You Are' explores the dilution of the human senses in a video installation aimed at highlighting the effects of hyper-inane product names given to modern products, services, apps and how their distribution into the consciousness of society has contributed to the degradation of the human senses and our dislocation with nature. The title refers to an advert for the latest Google smart phone, in which we are shown the different features of the phone and then told at the end that this is for all that you are, as in this phone is equal to your very essence as a human being. Over the period of 30 minutes the video projects a digitally produced loop of ocean waves with the names of fictional products and services appearing every 30 seconds. The loop of waves also begin to fade away to white every 60 seconds before returning with another name, this is to highlight the dilution of our connection with nature and how consumer society and capitalism are eroding our connection with it. 

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